Our Processes

Grinding Process

We grind mulch, a lot of mulch. As an insight into some of our processes, meet the Diamond Z, the tremendously powerful tub grinder which pummels wood at over 1500 horse power!  A complete pulverization occurs in this process. First, raw and clean wood material (never pallets or construction debris) is dropped into the tub grinder and shredded one time, resulting in what we call Single Grinds. The single grinds then sit in a large pile for 3-6 months, decomposing and becoming a more mature and darker product. After the wood has been ground once and sits for the appropriate length of time, it is ready to be ground again, resulting in what we call, Double Shredded Mulch. Taking the single grinds and shredding them again in the Diamond Z tub grinder makes for a finely ground mulch that trees and plant life love to be covered in. Having the right tool for the job is very important to our company’s success. Having reliable and heavy-duty grinders allow us to stay ahead of the competition and gives us very good quality products. Mulch sits in the piles for 2-4 more months before it is sold allowing it to become darker, richer, and finer as time passes. Using the Diamond Z grinders allows us to continually provide high quality mulch to our customers year after year.

Colorizing Processes

We color our mulches to make colorized brown, black, and red double shredded mulch. Our natural double shredded mulch is run through a machine that sprays the mulch with an eco-friendly colorant. The coloring machine spins the mulch in the colorant until it is coated all over the wood. This spinning and spraying motion, along with the use of high-quality colorant from the industry’s leaders is what gives our colorized mulches the vibrant visual appeal and the ability to hold their color for up to 9-12 months. Our processes are done the same, every time, resulting in a consistent-looking colorized mulch product. After the coloring processes are complete, the mulch is dropped onto a conveyor belt and moved to the appropriate location where it sits for at least a month, drying and soaking in the colorant. That is how you create a high-quality long-lasting colorized mulch product, and we are experts at it!

Bagging Processes

We take pride in the ability to bag our own mulches, soils, and composts in our own bags with our own machine (and robot!). The bagging processes begin with dropping material in “the hopper”, which is a large bin that holds the material before it is bagged. The product is then moved along a conveyor belt at a steady and consistent rate so the bagging machine can handle the material that come through. The bags are then formed, filled, and sealed. The bagging machine, measures the precise amount using its internal computer, whether it’s a 1 cubic foot, 2 cubic foot, or 3 cubic foot, and drops the material into the plastic bag. The bags are brought up another conveyor belt so the material is evenly spread throughout and pressed for stacking. Our robot then stacks the bags nice and neatly. Once either 45, 60, or 65 bags are stacked, depending on the product, the pallets are then moved to the wrapping station, where the pallet that is topped with bags is ready to be secured by the plastic stretch wrap. Once the pallet has been completely spun and wrapped and is tight, the pallet is moved to the correct location for storage, next to similar products. Come by our store location to see all of our bagged products. They include mulches, soils, and composts in either 1, 2 or 3 cubic foot bags!

Screening Process

Using only high-quality soil and compost, our company screening processes use larger screens to get out the majority of rocks, sticks, and other debris to sell high quality screened soils and composts. We use what is called a “trommel” to screen out the larger sticks and rocks, separating the soil or aged compost itself. This soil is clean and of very high quality. We always screen our materials on asphalt or concrete so that the final product that will ship to you is always clean and of the highest quality and consistency. We take great pride in the soil we sell. We always want to make sure that it is easy for the end user to spread and great quality so that grass, plants, and trees will thrive growing in it!

Trucking Process

When you order our mulches, soils, or composts, you can either pick them up or have them delivered. Many homeowners do not have a truck or vehicle large enough to carry the size and weight of the materials they need for their projects. No problem! We have you covered. We have small trucks, large trucks, and everything in between. Whether you need 5 cubic yards of topsoil, 20 cubic yards of compost, or 70 cubic yards of mulch we can ship it to you direct. Give us a call to have us ship some of our high-quality materials direct to your project or house!

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